There are so many online lists for apps that are special, unique and useful, but in reality, most of them do nearly the same things. The few unique apps that I did need were harder to become aware of or find, so I’m sharing a couple of my favorites (and slipping in one that I made!)

Camera+ 2: SMILE

All the fancy camera features aside, one stands out to me: Smile mode! Don’t take any pictures until the person in the frame smiles. Keep trying and smiling and you’re bound to get a good one:

Look ma no hands!

Voice Activated – Hey Camera

When working on a stop motion video, or hanging out in the pool but wanting to get a group photo, you either find help, set a timer or use some Bluetooth button to remote trigger the camera. With Hey Camera however, saying a word (I chose SNAP) is the remote trigger:

Office Lens – For the Messy Ones

I lose documents all the time. I stack them, pack them and never find them. But since I learned about Office Lens, my first order of business when a document or whiteboard summary comes my way is to snap it, have Office Lens make it look nice, then get Google Photos to archive it:

Chunking Sentences

This one is my own. I’ve been reading more on Kindle lately, and I find myself wanting to listen to portions of the books when I’m on my commute or when showering (it’s a thing). There are several services out there that allow you to convert Text to Speech, but one of the gems is hidden behind Microsoft’s translate service. It turns out that translating from English to English lets you listen to the generated audio of text you paste, but it’s limited to 1000 characters at a time. To work with that limitation, I built Chunker: An app that takes in long paragraphs and a maximum number of characters allowed per chunk, and gives you easy to copy-paste chunks that always end in a proper sentence:


You can try it out on both iOS and Android and add it to your homepage as a Progressive Web App.

Hope you discovered a useful app today! What’s a truly unique app that you found to be useful?