15 years ago, I started a web site called HardwareHell with the purpose of covering computer hardware products like CPUs, Motherboards and GPUs:

HardwareHell / HwHell in 2004

At the time, we’d write lengthy narratives about the components we were covering. The Internet was young, and still hungry for content, but as we repeatedly covered very similar components with very similar narratives, the repeated ritual of writing empty words seemed useless. We started looking at more systemic benchmarking and generation of reports – but at the time our user base actually wanted the fluff.


Recently, I looked into upgrading my aging PC. I asked myself a simple question:

What’s the best PC I can buy for my use case, in a certain budget?

I started Googling around, and to my surprise couldn’t find an objective answer. I expect more in 2019 – So I built the solution myself.

PC Builder

I aggregated several objective benchmarking web sites and matched PCs, their performance, components and classifications with the cheapest places to buy those components from.

The result: PCBuilder

Sliders that help you find the right PC

Try it out

We’re adding features and working on a new design for PC Builder – We’d love to know how you’d use it to buy your next PC