What were the main challenges you faced going from a technical role to a Product Management one?

Question I know this may be a broad question, but I would be curious what the main challenges you faced going from a more technical role to a more broad program management one. Would you mind I ask? Lucy M. Chief Technology Officer Ala Shiban. Group Product Manager Answer Hey Lucy, I don’t mind at all.  Three challenges come to mind as I made the switch from engineering. Outcomes thinking The first was learning to focus on the goal and

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I don’t love software development and I like product, should I switch?

Question I was wondering if you think it would be wise for me to pursue an Associate Product Management role immediately, or join a company as a software engineer then make a switch? Max D. Software Engineer Context Hey Ala! Thanks again for taking the time to help me out. For a little context about me and my current state, right now I work as a software developer at a small boutique consulting firm where I develop software for the

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How can I position myself to get a UX Research summer internship in 2020?

Hi Ala, so sorry for the late response! So, I studied sociology at UCLA, and while I was there, I got interested in UX. I took a few UX courses and determined I was more interested in the research side rather than design. However, not having any formal UX experience, I didn’t feel prepared to apply for jobs.  I started working in nonprofit fundraising, specifically in database management. Still, I had some interest in UX, so I applied to a

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